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Avro Shackleton

The SAAF,other than the RAF, was the sole other user of the Avro Shackleton. As part of SA's obligations to the Simonstown agreement  the SAAF purchased and operated 8 Shackleton MR3's in the coastal patrol and search and rescue roles. The MR3 was the final development of the original Avro bomber that could trace its lineage back the Avro Manchester that evolved to the highly successful Avro Lancaster of WWII fame

Operational Use

The Shackleton MR3 introduced a tri-cycle under carriage and relocated search radar. The top turret was also deleted at this time. The RAF Shackletons were upgraded over time to include a Viper turbojet in the outer engine nacelles for increased power. This caused a shortened fatigue life for the RAF MR3's. As the SAAF did not include this upgrade our MR3's remained operational far longer. The SAAF's Shackleton's also underwent a resparring exercise. The sole SAAF squadron to use the Shackleton was 35 Squadron The squadron was formed in February 1945 when 262 Squadron Royal Air Force, an anti-submarine squadron operating the Consolidated Catalina was transferred to the South African Air Force. 35 Squadron has used the following aircraft in operations: Catalina, Sunderland GR 5, Harvard, Spitfire, Oxford, Ventura.

Currently 35 Squadron SAAF uses the C-47TP in the maritime patrol and transport roles.

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