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All (or some) about myself
Welcome to my little slice of the web. Let me introduce myself. If you have not gathered by now my name is Charles Hugo but most of my friends call me Charlie. Although originally from Durban, I now reside in Johannesburg but spent most my school years in Kimberley. During my pre school years I lived with my grandparents in the Transkei as well. You could say I have lived all over South Africa.
My passions in life are my wife and family, scale modelling, aviation, photography, wild life and this beautiful diverse country that I live in.
My interests in scale modelling stem from a very early age when I saw my first ever model, a P40E Kittyhawk made by Airfix. This was a for one of church youth group people at the end of year Xmas party. I tried to arrange that whoever got this gift from me I would of traded whatever I got. Little did I know but another guy there was already (I think) into modelling and he had brought a model as a gift as well. As luck would have it the Kittyhawk landed up on his lap and that was that, no ways was he going to surrender the Kittyhawk. His gift landed up on my lap, an Airfix Hurricane MkIV and in the end we both went away happy. He got the better end of the deal though, my gift included a tube of Britfix glue
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